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Let‘s enjoy taste without waste!

SCHOTT Straws – Glass drinking straws for business customers in hotels & restaurants – Directly from the manufacturer

For active environmental protection & sustainability

Islands made of plastic waste literally float in the oceans and endanger not only the fauna living there, but also the people who ingest the so-called microplastics by consuming marine animals. The only solution is to reduce the use of plastic and disposable products. No wonder states like California, cities like Washington DC and even confederations of states like the European Union are currently banning disposable products from everyday life.

Three billion plastic drinking straws end up in the trash every day! After merely a single use. With SCHOTT Straws, reusable drinking straws made of glass, this is a thing of the past.

Do you work in the restaurant or hotel business?

Surprise your guests, be sustainable and protect the environment with SCHOTT Straws.

The most important advantages of SCHOTT

  • Straws: Sustainable: Contributes to the reduction of plastic waste
  • Hygienic: Dishwasher-safe, also for temperatures ≥ 85°C
  • High quality: Made in Germany
  • Resilience: Their design ensures high breaking strength
  • Pure: Contain no harmful substances such as plasticizers or mineral oil
  • Neutral in taste: Unlike paper, bamboo or metal, it has no effect on the taste
  • Transparent: Clean? One glance is enough
  • Noble: A material that already fascinated the ancient Egyptians
  • Fair: Directly from the manufacturer, without unnecessary transport routes